plotframe: Plot a 3-D Cartesian coordinate system

plotframe: Plot a 3-D Cartesian coordinate system

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  • plotframe( )
  • plotframe( rotationMatrix, translationVector )
  • plotframe( rotationMatrix, translationVector, basisVectorLengths )
  • plotframe( __ , Parent=ax )
  • plotframe( __ , Name=Value )
  • hg = plotframe( __ )


Positional Argument Description
rotationMatrix Defines the orientation of the coordinate frame, from the origin. 3-by-3 orthogonal matrix. Default is zero rotation, i.e., eye(3).
translationVector Defines the position of coordinate frame, from the origin. 1-by-3 or 3-by-1 numeric vector. Default is [0 0 0].
basisVectorLengths Length to plot each arrow (basis) of the coordinate frame. Scalar, 1-by-3, or 3-by-1 numeric vector. Default is 1.
Name-Value Argument Description
Parent Axes in which to plot. Scalar axes, group (hggroup), or transform (hgtransform) object. Default is the current axes (gca).
UpdateFrame With UpdateFrame, the passed plot handles will be updated with the current parameters, rather than creating a new plot. This is more efficient and convenient for moving frames. Handle to an existing frame plot, outputted from a previous call to plotframe.
MatrixIndexing Depending on notation, either the columns or the rows of rotationMatrix define the orientation of the basis vectors. Text scalar, either "columnmajor" or "rowmajor". Default is row-major.
LabelBasis Whether the bases should be labelled, e.g., "X", "Y", and "Z". Scalar logical. Default is false.
Labels Text with which to label each basis, if LabelBasis is enabled. Scalar, 1-by-3, or 3-by-1 text vector. Default is {'X','Y','Z'}.
BasisColors Color for each basis vector. Any color format accepted by MATLAB can be used, e.g., RGB triplet [0 0 0], hexadecimal color code #000000, or color name 'black' or 'k'. Specify multiple colors with an M-by-3 matrix where each RGB color is a row, or as a 1-by-3 or 3-by-1 text array. Default is {'r','g','b'}.
TextProperties Custom properties for the basis labels. Name-value arguments stored in a cell array of alternating text property names and values, e.g., {'FontSize',20,'FontWeight','bold'}.
QuiverProperties Additional name-value arguments are passed as properties of the Quiver charts used to plot the basis vectors, e.g., plotframe( LineStyle="-.", Marker="o" ).


Argument Description
hg Group object (hggroup) containing handles to the constituent parts of the coordinate frame plot, i.e., the 3 Quiver and optional Text objects.


Please see examples.mlx or examples.pdf.

Compatibility, License and Citation

Created in 2022b. Compatible with MATLAB release 2020b and later. Compatible with all platforms.

Published under MIT License (see LICENSE.txt).

Please cite George Abrahams (,